Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pre-Labor Day La Mesa

Ended April with a full morning well-spent in La Mesa Ecopark.

The Colasisis were up and about in the parking lot...

and the Ashy Thrushes were in a sing-song mood (so were the Hooded Pittas and the Asian Koel!)

The Lowland White-eyes were busy building nests...

and the Black-naped Orioles were flying about.

Some Brown Shrikes still made an appearance...

and some Philippine Pygmy Woodpeckers were busy feeding.

A Lipote tree was heavy with fruit...

... and the trail was pretty quiet and mostly human-free.

The White-throated Kingfisher was in its usual area...

... and a Philippine Coucal came out from skulking.

It was a VERY hot day but cooled down with crema de leche at Mang Jose.

'Til our next visit, La Mesa! Next time, hopefully, for a full day =)


  1. Very productive! I miss La Mesa!

    1. We should go back! =) Ang lapit lang natin hehehehe ;)