Sunday, April 24, 2016

Afternoon Zebra, Pacific, and Scops

It was such a hot afternoon but thankfully UP Diliman is still very green with trees, providing shade and respite from the searing rays of the sun. While waiting for my friends, I checked out the native trees in the Marine Science Institute (MSI) area. There were quite a lot and I was grateful for the nameplates identifying them for me. I was able to find the Balai Lamok/Salingbobong (still very young, flowerless, and leafless) sprouting new leaves at the ends of its branches. There weren't much birds, given the heat, but I could hear orioles, kingfishers, Colasisi, and sunbirds calling. A lone Zebra Dove foraged quietly on the dry ground while Eurasian Tree Sparrows bathed in the dust.

Zebra Dove, one of the few birds out in the mid-afternoon heat

As I walked past the building, I saw fellow birdwatcher Diuvs in the lobby. He pointed out some Pacific Swallows and we were happy to see three young birds being fed by their parents!

Young Pacific Swallows waiting for their next meal!

After a short chat, Diuvs returned to work and I trudged onwards.  I was happy to see some Katmon plants with some buds and a few flowers, but the flowers were starting to dry up already. I'll have to go back soon and check when the buds have opened as I've never really seen Katmon flowers in full bloom yet.

I soon spotted Nico and we soon spotted Jon. After a very short discussion about trees (and our lack of knowledge about them), we proceeded to find the Philippine Scops Owl. Jon had spotted it earlier and pointed the juvenile owl to us, high up on its tangled perch.

Sleepy owl...
... gave us a stare...
... before going back to sleep.

We left the owl to get some more sleep and walked around a bit more hoping for more birds. When we found none, we all decided it was time to wind down with coffee and donuts =)


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    1. Yes, it is a very cute owl! =) Thank you for leaving a comment! =)

  2. Nice! That Swallow's nest has been here since I was an undergrad! Quite. Long time ago!

    1. So cool that it's still there and it's still being used! =)