Monday, August 8, 2011

Cloudy With a Chance of Lifers

LIFER - First ever sighting of a bird in its natural habitat. 

I think it's perfect that I start my blog with a story about getting my 150th lifer.

I was looking at my precious birding notebook (Yes, one of my few prized material possessions is a little black notebook containing notes of birds I've seen since becoming a birder last year) and I realized that since that time, I've had at least one lifer for each month until July this year! In scary way, it all blended together: my life list, reading The Big Year and just finishing reading Life List... I needed my August lifer.

Good thing a birdwatching trip was organized for August 7! It was my first chance for my August lifer! I was excited since the site would be Newtown Subdivision in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. I was wishing for a white morph coucal maybe...? =) 

Saturday night was really rainy and threatening to cancel our trip the following day. But thankfully, the rain eased up and then stopped completely as we were on our way to the site. I got out my bins, snapped on my belt bag and got ready to take it all in. As soon as I spotted my first birds, a foursome of White-breasted Woodswallows huddled together on a electric wire, I realized I didn't really need a lifer. I just need to bird.

A few minutes after spotting the Woodswallows, Mang Boy spotted some Crested Mynahs atop an electric post. I felt all my stress and worries melt away. This was going to be a good day.

I honestly wasn't really looking for any lifers throughout the morning (yes, I let go of the possible sighting of a white morph coucal). But guess what? I did get one! A Philippine Cuckoo-Dove... large, chunky and brand new to me. It's so much more exciting getting a lifer without expecting one.

That Sunday morning started out a bit shaky what with the weather and all... but I got to bird with good friends and made new ones as well. I ended the morning happy (albeit really hungry) and satisfied and energized for the week ahead.

Class picture of the Fearless Newtown Birders


  1. weee! birding blog and etc i'm sure? :) congrats, maia!

  2. thanks Kitty! =) I used to have a blog pero... i HAD to delete it =P Now, i finally got the courage to start again =)

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  4. And don't forget the +1! Love how you write! Congratulations!

  5. Great fun, look forward to reading about the next lifer!

  6. Hi Maia! Nice blog. Keep on writing! --Jen (that faceless icon on your Followers list) :D

  7. Wow! Thank you for taking the time to read this =) Makes me want to write again, haha! =)

  8. maiaaaaaaa! (from now on i think i'll limit my a's to 7) thumbs up for the blog! keep on writing! :)

  9. Dinoooooo! wow, may number pa yung A's mo ha! hehe. Thanks ha! =)