Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bird Stare

Yesterday, I woke up feeling strange and weak. Something I imagine I would feel if I hiked up a mountain and back again without seeing any birds at all. I went down to get myself a mug of coffee and my first sip felt like drinking sawdust as it went down my throat. I knew at that point that I was sick.

I took my temperature and yes indeed, I had a fever. Immediately, I felt sicker. I haven't had a fever in... years! I forgot how bad it felt. But there I was, lying in bed, light headed and weak. I drifted in and out of restless sleep. I heard my mom come into my room and asked me if I wanted to close the curtains over my window. I said no. I wanted to see the outside. The outside of my bedroom window overlooks cables and a light post as well as some trees and the other houses in our small compound. When I woke up, I heard a sunbird swit-swit-ing away just outside my window. I didn't hesitate about getting up from bed and creeping slowly to the window. There it was! Perched on a cable just outside the window!

I rushed to get my camera and opened the door to the veranda ever so slowly so as not make any sound. The tiny yellow bird was still there, shaking away the wetness from its feathers from a rain shower earlier that day.

I forgot I was weak and sick! I was just plain happy, even with my messed up hair, bare feet and fever. A cool breeze blew making me feel instantly cold, reminding me I was sick. The sunbird and I looked up at the exact same moment and I was able to catch its stare in a photo.

We were both startled at each other for a few seconds, before it looked away and flew off. I smiled and returned inside my room, feeling a lot better after my big dose of bird stare.

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