Thursday, March 5, 2015

Are You Like The Cuckoo?

Cuckoos are one of my favorite birds. I really like how they look and their unique breeding behavior. They are nest parasites, meaning they leave their eggs in the nest of other birds to be cared for and fed by the usually much smaller surrogate parents. I dream of witnessing this behavior first hand, as I've only seen videos and photos on the web and from friends. But as curious and amazed I am at this cuckoo behavior, it's not amusing seeing it in humans, not literally of course. So allow me a poem and pardon my blatant analogy with the cuckoo... I just need to vent.

Are You Like The Cuckoo?

Are you like the cuckoo?
Who searches for a nest
And leaves her eggs in the care of others
And lets them do the rest.

Are you like the cuckoo?
Who goes her merry way
Starts a new life and responsibilities
But for the dirty work, flies away.

Are you like the cuckoo?
Who calls noisily unseen
And lets the other birds do the work
While all you do is preen.

Are you like the cuckoo?
Who enjoys this evolutionary "perk"
Of starting something, yet leaves it to others
Others who are willing to work.

I mean no offense to all the cuckoos around the world, it just seemed like the perfect analogy to me. They are still one of my favorite birds and their behavior really fascinates me. I'm sharing a video I saw on the YouTube channel of Wildfowl & Wetland Trust (WWT) of a young cuckoo being fed by its smaller, surrogate, hard working parent. Enjoy!