Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An Unexpected Barbet

It was one of those routine days. I had just finished my first tutorial session for the day and was walking back to the car when I saw a bird fly in and land on the tree beside my car. As I approached, I took the time to spot the bird which I assumed to be the very common Yellow-vented Bulbul. I didn't find the bulbul... because the bird turned out to be a Coppersmith Barbet! It was such an unexpected bird in the tree-deprived parking lot!

I think I let out a very huge gasp when I saw the Barbet out in the open because it flew away leaving a neat hole where it was perched. It was building a nest! I promised myself I would bring my camera the following day and try to photograph one of the most colorful birds I've seen (so far.)

A very neat barbet nest hole

The following day, I went to the school earlier than my usual schedule to check out the Barbet. As I got out of the car, I already saw the flash of red on the forehead of the Barbet which was now peeping from inside the hole. 

I slowly approached the kaimito tree and positioned myself behind another parked car. I took photos as the Coppersmith Barbet cocked its head this way and that, looking around at its surroundings. I did not venture any closer so as not to disturb the nesting bird. No matter how "unconventional" its nest is, a nest is still a nest and should not be disturbed. The Barbet would pop out of sight inside the nest, then pop its head right back out of the hole. I was smiling by myself and I thought I was probably the only person in the campus aware of this bird being in their school!

Soon, it was time for me to go to my student who would be quite upset if I were late for our tutorial session. I said goodbye to the unexpected barbet and wished it a successful breeding season. =)

Good luck, Barbet!


  1. I have not yet seen this bird... Is this in UP? Good read by the way, as always.

  2. Cool!
    Though barbets are not rare, but the shots depicting their way of life are of great artistic value.

    1. I agree! They are really nice birds to see even if they are quite common in urban areas. Thanks for visiting my blog! =)