Friday, September 27, 2013

The Chili Eaters

My mom's finger chili plant is again starting to turn red with ripe finger chilis and someone's getting to them first!

Bitten-off ripe, red chilis!

My mom's chili plant constantly fruits with small green finger chilis that turn bright red when they are ripe. We usually pick a few of them to cook with or place in dipping sauces but it seems this batch of chilis won't make it to our dinner table!

According to my mom and dad, the birds come early in the morning, noisily perching on the plant before plucking off the reddest, ripest chilis for their breakfast. I was able to sneak up on the "chili eaters" in our backyard --- Yellow-vented Bulbuls!

One of the now-plump chili eaters in our small garden.
It had just eaten the chili on the left =) 

This one's just done with its breakfast of chilis =)

I have yet to photograph them actually eating though. On the weekends, I hear my parents calling me "Mai! The birds are eating the chilis again!" but by the time I get down with my camera, they're done feeding!

I checked on the plant this morning and saw a new batch of green chilis. Like the birds, I'll be waiting for them to ripen so I can watch (and hopefully photograph) the Yellow-Vented Bulbuls enjoying their breakfast.


  1. Haha! Cute. I think it's the mayas eat off our chilis. - T.Trish

    1. Twish!!! hehe, the birds know which ones are the ripest and best to eat! =)

  2. =D i should check our chili plant too.. might have some backyard bird thief plucking them out =D hahaha