Saturday, March 30, 2013

Green Bird and Yellow Flowers

We were on the seventh day of a nine-day novena for Jops' grandmother who passed away last year. Family and friends gathered in the cemetery to pray for nine mornings and a tent was set up beside a Golden Shower tree, one of many scattered in the area. All the Golden Shower trees were laden with cascading, vibrant yellow flowers. So pretty!

The Golden Shower is the National Tree of Thailand.

The flowers would fall to the ground providing colorful ground cover under each tree. As a child, I would pick up parts of the fallen flowers from a Golden Shower tree near our house and link them together creating a delicate yellow chain.

While praying the novena for Jops' grandmother who passed away last year, we suddenly heard the sharp seep-seep call of a Colasisi (Philippine Hanging Parrot.) We looked up just in time to see it fly straight into the flowers of the Golden Shower tree right beside us! It perched out in the open and we found ourselves looking up at a very green and very hungry Colasisi feeding on the yellow flowers.

It stayed quite a while, busily munching on the flowers, twisting upright then turning upside down giving us a vibrant show of green and yellow... such beautiful summer colors!

We took a few shots, took a short video, and returned to our prayers. We said a quiet thank you to Jops' grandmother for sending a Colasisi our way that morning =) (You can hear the prayers in the video =))

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