I Dream of Optics

I started my September drooling over dream optics for birdwatching. Jops and I, together with lots of our WBCP birder friends, attended a digiscoping talk conducted by Swarovski Optik France Director Pierre Severy at the La Mesa Ecopark.

A gathering of scopes =)

He showed us amazing photos he took using a digiscoping set-up (camera plus spotting scope.) The highlight was being able to see, hold, and even try out the newest Swarovski spotting scope model!

Pierre demonstrating how to attach a camera to the new scope.

Testing the digiscoping set up at the spillway.

Adri trying out the set up.

Jops' turn to try it out.

A Nikon camera attached to the newest Swarovski scope! Dream setup!

Honestly, I am still very happy with my trustworthy Bushnell binoculars. But of course, I wouldn't mind my own pair of Swaro bins. I've tried out a pair of Swaro bins and looked through their spotting scopes and they REALLY provide brighter and clearer images! After all, the real essential tool in birding is a good pair of binoculars.

Here's a cool infographic from OpticsCentral about binoculars.

Types of Binoculars
by mhars. Browse more infographics.

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